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MYRE 2 - Kurruk

Those who are able to mount and ride beasts such as Kurrukhs are hard as rock. These are the equivalent of Muscle-Car-STeamroller-Bullet on Yria. Ready to speed up and strike.
Today, I'm sharing a concept design that helped me settle with the idea and the look before I can unleash it with the next volume. I learned that the extra effort of making designs pays off when it comes to making comics. This is basically my personal reference sheet of the creature.
As for paintings or feature art, I think this one won't be the last as I enjoy the hell out of them.

They're machines, equipped with sharp teeth, a high olfactory sense, brilliant eyesight and a sturdy body that makes them apex hunters. With its surroundings in mind, the Kurrukh has a set of sharper hoof-like attachments and soft padding instead of claws.
With this set of feet, they can't only take on speed but also strike with force to create severe blunt trauma. Mostly though, their feet are highly protected against heat which makes them, persistent runners. Their fur is thicker around the neck while their bodies are coated with a thinner velvety coat. Aside from their rather simplistic look, their headdress is what makes them peculiar.

I can't wait to bring them to life fully with Vol 2 of Myre. :) At least, their design is settled now. And they're already moving around the storyboard. ;)
The Myre 2 campaign launch on Indiegogo is tomorrow (Wednesday, July 1st at 7:00 CET)!